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US Bus Utah provides a hop on, hop off bus touring system for those visiting Salt Lake City. The US Bus sightseeing tour of SLC will take you to many famous landmarks such as: Temple Square, the State Capitol, a state-of-the-art library, Liberty Park, University of Utah, and more. Also, relax and enjoy a top-notch dining experience with the best restaurants in Salt Lake City. Our goal at hop on, hop off bus Utah is to make your vacation a memorable, so join us for the best sightseeing bus tour in Utah!



City Creek Center, Salt Lake City’s Shopping Center and Mall

City Creek Center is Salt Lake City’s mall and shopping center located in downtown Salt Lake City. City Creek is one of Salt Lake City’s attractions that every resident and tourist must visit.

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LDS History Locations

Historic LDS Locations in Salt Lake City Are you here on a religious journey to the Salt Lake City Temple? Or maybe just visiting from right outside of Salt Lake City Proper? US Bus Utah will take you out of Temple Square and into the city to view the lesser known LDS...

The Best Things to do in Salt Lake City in 36 Hours

So you have 36 hours to explore Salt Lake City? Great? Here is a list of what we think are some of the best things to do in Salt Lake City in 36 hours. 1. Visit Heber city and ride the Heber creeper train. You will need a car for this and the best time for this is...

10 People Who Should Not Take Our Salt Lake City Sightseeing Tour

So you want to go on a Salt Lake City sightseeing tour? Awesome. We think that is one of the best ways to explore Salt Lake City and to learn more about our great city. While we love most of our customers, the reality is that sometimes we get people who come on our...

The Salt Lake City Library

The Salt Lake Public Library Located just north of Liberty Square, the Salt Lake City Library is a must-see for all visitors. While the building was originally part of the City and County building, a large donation of land and money made it possible for this separate...

Hidden Gem: Tracy Aviary in Liberty Park

When looking for things to do in Salt Lake City, Utah, don't pass up on the Tracy Aviary. Salt Lake City is the home of many outdoor adventures and natural wonders. Utah is also the home of beautiful wildlife and animals. Hidden in the heart of liberty park is...
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