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salt lake city olympic attractions

Do you want to see the Salt Lake City Olympic Attractions while you are visiting Salt Lake City? Many people do and for most there is confusion about the best way to see these Salt Lake City olympic attractions. Here are some tips and ideas on how to do this effectively.

First, in order to really see all or almost all of the Salt Lake City olympic attractions, you really need to have a car, or you will need to hire a private guide to take you to some of them.  We recommend working with George from Wasatch Mountain Service.

However, it is possible to visit some of of the Salt Lake City Olympic Attractions by foot, via public transportation or while riding our Salt Lake City hop on hop off sightseeing tour.  To start with there are several olympic signs and monuments highlighting various aspects of the Salt Lake City olympics throughout the downtown area.

Here is a picture of one of them:

Salt Lake City Olympic Legacy Sign

And another one:

salt lake city olympic attractions bench

You can also visit the Rice-Eccles stadium at the University of Utah where the opening and closing ceremonies for the Salt Lake City olympics were held while on our sightseeing tour. There is a tribute to the olympics and you can see the olympic torch while not in use right now of course.

A large portion of the Salt Lake City olympic attractions are in Park City, Utah.  While you can take a bus there, it is much quicker to drive. It takes about 20-30 minutes from the downtown area and there you can visit the Utah Olympic Park and do all kinds of activities.  The other place people sometimes like to visit, is the Olympic Oval Skating rink in Kearns, Utah. This is in the western part of Salt Lake City and is where the speed skating events where held. Again, you can take public transit there but driving is much faster.




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