Note: Call Monday, July 23rd after 9 a.m. to verify availability. Tuesday, July 24th we are closed for Pioneer Day.


US Bus Utah provides a hop on, hop off bus touring system for those visiting Salt Lake City. The US Bus sightseeing tour of SLC will take you to many famous landmarks such as: Temple Square, the State Capitol, a state-of-the-art library, Liberty Park, University of Utah, and more. Also, relax and enjoy a top-notch dining experience with the best restaurants in Salt Lake City. Our goal at hop on, hop off bus Utah is to make your vacation a memorable, so join us for the best sightseeing bus tour in Utah!


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Note: Monday, July 23rd we will probably have a late start. Call after 9 a.m. Monday morning for an update.

Tuesday, July 24th, we are closed for Pioneer Day.

Note: Double Decker is down until further notice. (probably until around August 20th) We have a new double decker coming from England hopefully soon. We are planning on putting a trolley back on tour within about a week. Until then we are operating with 1 bus only and 4 loops only per day. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Note: Occasionally we may have to change our schedule without notice due to road closures, Holidays, driver unavailability or other issues. If you really want the Double Decker or you really want to go at a specific time, call us first to verify our schedule for that day. We can also add additional tours for large groups and may have additional tours running during peak season or when there are large conventions in town.

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