Pokemon Go Tour – 2016

  • Every Thursday night August through September
  • 4 known locations with multiple Poké-Stops
  • 2 hour tour with free parking
  • Learn insider tips and tricks from other Pokemon Go enthusiasts
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UsBus is excited to announce the first ever Pokémon GO Tour.

Explore Salt Lake and Catch ‘Em All in a double decker, convertible tour bus. This tour is completely dedicated to catching Pokémon.

So what does that mean?

The tour will go to 4 places in Salt Lake, each giving you 30 minutes to explore the area and catch Pokémon. Destinations are selected based are the virtual Pokémon world. We will take you to the best overlapping PokéStops in Salt Lake, popular lure locations, and even dedicate part of the tour to helping you hatch eggs by driving slowly down scenic streets.
•      Be a part of the first ever Pokémon GO tour!
•      Meet like-minded PokéMasters
•      Hatch your Pokémon eggs
•      Make all your friends super jealous with Snapchat – better yet, invite them and save money!
•      Compete to catch select Pokémon first at each stop to win prizes!
•      Driver will drop Pokémon lures at each stop

Are you really the best PokéMaster?

We will have mini competitions at each location (e.g., the first person to catch a Pikachu at the state Capital will receive a prize) and we will check to make sure you didn’t already own it. 😉

Fine Print:  No children under 14 will be admitted without an adult.  Children under 4 years of age are free.  Tickets are available individually and in a 2-pack or Family Pack.  See each type of ticket for details.

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